From Audrey's Oven
Welcome to From Audrey's Oven.
I have always loved baking.  I would often be in the kitchen as a young girl making cookies, cakes and muffins.  I also loved watching cake decorating shows and watching professionals create masterpieces with fondant and cake.  
In 2007, after I had my first baby, I attemped to make my first fondant tiered cake (as if I wasn't busy enough with a newborn baby).  I posted the picture of the cake on social media and had people asking me if I could make them a cake.  So when my little girl slept, I was baking and decorating cakes.  
Then in 2014, our family moved to Florida.  I knew I wanted to continue my business, but wasn't so sure I wanted to continue baking and decorating cakes.  As much as I enjoyed making cakes, I wanted to try something new.  It was my youngest daughter's fourth birthday and she wanted princess cookies.  I must have tried at least five different recipes until I ended up with the perfect sugar cookie.  Then came the royal icing.  Who knew that royal icing consistency had to be just right in order for it to not clump on the cookie or fall off the edge.  Hours upon hours I spent trying to figure out exactly how much water I needed to add before the icing got too thin.  After I finished all the princess dresses, I realized how much I loved decorating cookies.  So, that's how my cookie journey began and I'm loving every minute of it.